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Health­care in France is of a very high stan­dard fol­low­ing sev­eral years of key gov­ern­men­tal invest­ment. How­ever, the sys­tem is very dif­fer­ent to that of the UK and any British expa­tri­ates needs to be mind­ful of these dif­fer­ences. If you are under British retire­ment age, you are free to move to France but unless you are work­ing or have spe­cial priv­i­leges then you will need to com­ply with the Euro­pean Direc­tive stat­ing that you must obtain and main­tain com­pre­hen­sive med­ical insur­ance for a five year period. After this period, you qual­ify to join the French Health­care Sys­tem, which in itself is dis­tinctly dif­fer­ent to that of the UK’s NHS. In the main; the state will reim­burse up to 80% of the cost of your health­care needs, the remain­ing bal­ance can either be self funded, or as most French res­i­dents do, to take out Top Up Insur­ance. Top Up insur­ance being based upon only 20% of the cost is there­fore very cost effec­tive, equally, so it can dove-​tail with the French NHS/​CMU, there are no exclu­sions regard­ing ongo­ing or pre­vi­ous med­ical his­tory. There­fore, Top Up insur­ance has no under­writ­ing nor age restric­tions, whilst remain­ing finan­cially attrac­tive.

The plan behind this web­site is to offer both a win­dow on expa­tri­ate liv­ing in France as well as a selected port­fo­lio of insur­ance plans designs to meet all sorts of needs in France. Whether you are have a sec­ond home and visit reg­u­larly, are plan­ning to move to France or are already in France; we have a plan to help meet your needs and cir­cum­stances.

The Health­care France port­fo­lio includes Travel Insur­ance which is avail­able to both UK and French res­i­dents and is avail­able as a Sin­gle Trip or Annual Mul­ti­Trip plan. The Euro­pean Annual Multi Trip is very pop­u­lar as it rep­re­sents fan­tas­tic value for money.

Full Med­ical Health Insur­ance is a legal require­ment in many instances when mov­ing to France. When this rule was ini­tially intro­duced, the require­ment was for ‘com­pre­hen­sive’ med­ical insur­ance cov­er­age, how­ever in recent years, these require­ments have relaxed with many peo­ple enjoy­ing basic cov­er­age to help man­age the bud­get. Med­ical insur­ance is designed to cover acute med­ical con­di­tions that should arise. Many expa­tri­ate plans also include ben­e­fits toward chronic and long term con­di­tions also.

Should you require Finan­cial pro­tec­tion whilst liv­ing in France, we are also able to arrange cov­er­age for Life Insur­ance, Acci­dent Insur­ance, Income Replace­ment, and by refer­ral, pen­sions and invest­ments. (we do not advise pen­sions & invest­ments in any capac­ity but are happy to refer you to a mar­ket specialist.